Meet Charity

DSC_5612_4x6Meet Charity. This young lady’s husband left her because he decided that he did not want to have this beautiful but handicapped child. He left their other children as well.

She now lives in her house with her handicapped brother, her kids and her sisters’ kids. There are about 9 pDSC_5652_4x6eople living in this small house. Her sisters work in the big city, Lusaka, and come back once in a while to visit when they can.

As you can see from the photos around her place there is nothing. The boys are playing soccer with a ball made from a bag that is filled with garbage, and the ground they areDSC_5621_4x6 playing on is covered with garbage. Not having any garbage pick up they throw it all in a pile and burn it.

Despite all this, these kids were happy! They were content to play with thDSC_5630_4x6eir garbage ball on the dry, dirty garbage pile. And yet, our children are bored when they don’t have 10 toys to keep them busy for an hour!

Looking at the kids faces you can see they are pretty haDSC_5602_4x6ppy there. They loved to come and have their photo taken, always ready with a smile. These kids don’t even have any toys (unless they make them from garbage like this little boy), yetDSC_5635_4x6 they seem to be so much happier in many ways than our kids who have way more than they need!

As you can see, most of them don’t even have shoes…DSC_5641_4x6

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