Meeting Masala

After spending some time at Grace Academy and Buseko House(for 0-6 year olds) we headed into the city of Ndola. We went into Masala, a compound on the outskirts of town I beleive. These compounds are the really poor areas where you will see those who have very little.
The houses they live in are quite small with no electricity, running water or even any toilet. There is generally very few rooms, maybe one bedroom, a sitting room and a small ‘kitchen’. In these 600 or so sq ft houses will often live 6-10 people.

The two rouDSC_5609_4x6nd things on the ground are what they would cook on. This is the reason for many burns in Africa with children falling into them.

One thing we did not see here is water. I am not sure where they would have to go to get their water, but then they would carry it back on their heads to their homes.



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