All the peDSC_5677_4x6ople we handed tickets to for shoes came to this little church, and then some!! We handed out well over 150 pairs of shoes and there were still people outside! These people walked for a long ways to get there, all for a pair of shoes!

What we didDSC_5693_4x6 is we brought them in a couple at a time, washed their feet, fitted them for shoes, and prayed over them. The fist lady that came in was an old lady that had to be in her 80s and she cried as her feet were washed. She was so overjoyed DSC_5712_4x6to receive what was likely her first pair of shoes, ever!DSC_5670_4x6

There were many happy customers that day, including this little boy who brought his homemade car in as we asked and got to trade it for a couple of ‘hot wheels’ cars. DSC_5683_4x6

Thank God for Andrew who stood guard at the door for us! What a hard job that was for him, having to try and keep people oDSC_5705_4x6utside till we were ready. Thank you Andrew!DSC_5714_4x6

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