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The Rain

Let’s face it, life is chaotic. It’s messy, never as we planned, and it rains more often than we’d like. No matter how hard we try, we cannot maintain control and every so often we inadvertently step in a giant mud puddle.

I don’t know about you, but now that I’m older the rain is an inconvenience. Much of the time I’m hurrying from one task to the next, from work to shopping to chauffeuring and the rain just gets in my way. It can make the roads a little dangerous and causes my hair to frizz. There’s no point in even doing anything with my hair those days because the straight hair will quickly become undone, the tied back pieces now sticking out with a mind of its own.

As much as I don’t like the rain, as much as it can ruin my plans, I know we need the rain, that it is so important. Without the rain we would not have the beauty of flowers or the fresh air afterwards. Without rain trees would wither and fruits would die. Without the rain we would not have the promise of new life and rainbows. Without rain we would not appreciate the sun as we do. The darkness and dreariness of the storm is needed for the fullness and vitality of life.

There was a time in my younger years that rain would bring peace and adventure. As a child during a storm we would sit out on our covered deck, listening to it raining down, watching for the lightening, listening for the thunder. When I was little it would scare me, but I was always in awe of the power it held. It wouldn’t always cause damages, but in its stunning beauty it held the potential to create chaos.

There was also times when we would play in the rain, jumping in the puddles, splashing away. It was fun stomping in them, trying to make a big splash, spraying the water as far as possible.

Though the skies may be dreary and the rain may cause a little more chaos and frizz, there can be joy and beauty in it, and always as a result of. In these times we should pause and look past the inconvenience we feel, reaching into our souls, and find the joy we once had as children. We should let go of our inhibitions that hold us back and dance, embracing the beauty and life that comes as a result.

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