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Every Child Matters

To be honest, I’ve never understood this or the black lives matter movements. Don’t get me wrong, I 1000% agree that every single life matters. Let me explain.

What I don’t understand is why there is/was ever any question as to their value? Like seriously, how could colouring make any difference to what they can offer? Does my red hair mean I’m not as valuable as a blonde? There’s not many of us, which makes us different, does that change our value? No, of course not! That would be silly!

So why has it ever been acceptable to judge a person’s value based on their skin colouring when it’s not acceptable to base it on their hair? How is it any different?

Sure, in reality some may not be as educated, but that’s simply because “We” either didn’t provide it or “We” took it away. If you took away my education because of my hair guess what? I wouldn’t be as educated either!

How can one expect people to be at the same level when they aren’t offered the same training, and then judge them when they are not? They are of no less value, are not animals just because they are different. I truly don’t understand why anyone should be treated as less than simply because of their appearance.

I recently heard a story of a woman who was blind, who could not see one’s face or even colouring. She got to know people by their spirit really. What a wonderful thing this would be, to get to know people by their spirits instead of their appearance. To know people how they truly are instead of what society says they should be according to dress, colour, or belongings.

What a glorious place it would be if this is how everyone saw each other, by the heart rather than the eyes. If we never had to proclaim “Black lives matter”, or “Every child matters” because it wasn’t even a question.

Sadly this is not the case, but I hope and pray for a day when we all look to the heart rather than race or colour. A day when we are all given equal opportunity based on our abilities than where we came from. Where we see basing people’s value on their colour is a silly as basing it on their hair colour.

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