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In My Opinion

These days it seems that everyone has an opinion, an idea on how you should do things. Sometimes it’s good advice that you were actually seeking out, other times it’s given whether we want it or not. Some people offer gently while others are more forceful, convinced theirs is the only way.

What seems to be a lost art these days is the art of disagreeing. The ability to have one’s own opinion yet still be amicable. To have differing opinions and not try to force them on one another.

It’s okay to be passionate about your opinion, but it’s not okay to force someone else to believe the same. We were all created differently, not the same, so why should every thought and opinion be the same?

There are people in your life who build you up, those whose opinions you value, and those who drag you down, whose opinions are unwarranted. What we need to ask ourselves is who around us is dragging us down. Who judges instead of builds, who comes only when something is needed and never for relationship?

Please don’t ever feel guilted into staying in these relationships, whether family or friend. Do your best, try for a better relationship, but if nothing changes then wash your hands of it. You don’t need to be someones doormat or subject to constant judgment.

This does not mean, however, that you can then turn on them. If they want a chance at reconciliation, then give it a go, but with healthy boundaries. Don’t in turn begin to bring them down, just be done.

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