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I wrote this as part of a wedding/engagement gift for a friend, and as I wrote it I realized it was a great reminder for us as well, whether we are newly married, married for a few years, or married for many.

I invite you to read it and take what you want, leave what you don’t. I hope it might inspire you in your journey:

My friend,

I would like to leave you with some advise, some of which I have learned and some that has been passed on to me.

You are entering into a lifelong partnership with your love, and though things all seem easy right now, there will be times where it’s a more intentional journey. You will make many memories throughout the years that will enrich your relationship into a deeper love.

Never grow too old to play and have fun. Be silly, play games, let yourself go. Keep your marriage fun.

Laugh, as often as you can. Be willing to laugh at yourself when you do silly things, at each other’s jokes no matter how bad, and when life throws a curve ball. Laughter is what gets us through each day.

Celebrate each other. Celebrate the big things as well as the small. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments as well as your differences. God brought you together for a reason, knowing just how similar and different you are.

Support each other. Support each other as you reach to make your dreams a reality and when you trip and fall. And along with this, lean on each other. Be vulnerable enough to say I need help, and willing enough to reach down and get dirty when the other needs you. You are a team striving for the same goal, though it may look and feel different at times.

Keep the romance alive. Sure it’s easy right now, but there will come a time when life takes over and romance seems to be one of the first things to slide. Be intentional- take each other out for a date, dress up, go away for a night. Make time for each other.

And make time for yourself. Enjoy your time of solitude. Spend time growing yourself as an individual, find a hobby, work on your passions, visit with God.

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