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We Need A Little Christmas

I love all things Christmas, the music especially. I would start playing it at the beginning of November if I had my way, but not everyone shares this passion of mine. But as today is December 1st I said forget it, it’s going on!

The music brings me joy and peace, memories from my childhood, and hope. Especially the older songs by artists like Bing Crosby and the traditional Christian ones. I’ve heard them for years and will almost always be humming or singing along (not always while at work as it’s harder to sing along quietly), not focusing on the words.

But today I heard a line that has stuck with me: “we need a little Christmas, need a little laughter… we need a little Christmas now”.

This is true for each and every year, but how much more so this year in 2020! How much more could we use the “Christmas spirit”! We’ve spent the last nine months living in fear, confusion, isolation, anger, depression, chaos, that today more than ever in our lives we need Christmas.

When I consider this Christmas spirit I think about all the wonderful things of this season that being us hope, joy, laughter, peace, and connection. I think of all the stories we hear from this time of year of giving, sharing, and grace and how even the smallest act of kindness can fill a strangers heart.

So I challenge you as you prepare for this season to consider how you can help bring a little Christmas to the lives of those around you even today, whether it’s bringing coffee for a friend or coworker, sharing some of your favourite Christmas treats, a small stocking of gifts, or blessing a family this season, share some Christmas joy and see how far it reaches. See what kind of a difference it can make in someone’s life.

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