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Cupcake Games

Cupcake games

Sometimes I come up with wacky ideas that I put my family through. Sometimes they go along willingly, sometimes not so much. This time was fairly willing and I was thankful!

See, while they were all up skiing and I wasat home for the evening, I decided to make a batch of chocolate cupcakes, each with a different flavour. The idea was they had to each try them and whoever guessed the most correctly would win a prize.

I’d done this on a much smaller scale for a coworker for his birthday, making only three funky flavours for him to guess, this time I needed 16 flavours, ones that were both good and bad that they could hopefully guess correctly for at least some.

So I got to task making the batter, scooping it out one cupcake at a time into a small bowl where I would add whatever flavour my creative mind could come up with.

The sixteen bowls used to mix the flavours in

I had spoken with coworkers earlier on that day for suggestions and added from whatever I found in the cupboards. Sixteen bowls and a legend later, I had my arsenal with the answers of what was in them.

Mixing mustard in

Saturday morning I made them breakfast and then sat them down to play my game.

We worked through them in order, cutting them into five pieces each. They were to write their guesses on a piece of paper along with a rating of how much they liked them. The rating didn’t really happen, but they all had guesses.

The added ingredients ranged from pickle juice to liquid smoke to banana extract to mustard. Some weren’t too bad, others were spat out. At times we were howling with laughter, tears streaming down our faces at the reactions and what they thought it was. I assured them there was no alcohol and that everything was in fact edible.

Elias finished all of his each time

Elias ate the entire piece every time while Josh kept each leftover piece on his plate in order in case they needed to be tasted again, and the girls threw out anything they didn’t want.

Josh’s plate

The pickle juice one was surprisingly not bad, Mikayla thinking it was avocado as it was creamier, and the mango and banana extracts were the more popular ones.

The pile of garbage at the end!

Ariella ended up winning with only four of the 16 correct! She got liquid smoke, cayenne, mango, and banana correct. Some cupcakes didn’t have much flavour and were difficult to guess, while others like the cayenne were a bit strong!

Josh’s guesses with the answers on the right.

In all it was a fun activity that my kids won’t want to repeat 😂

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