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Love Abounds

Love letters

I was getting ready for work yesterday as I do most days, listening to worship music as I showered and got ready in the bathroom. I glanced over as I picked up my hairbrush and noticed that one of my elastics on my jar had formed the shape of a heart.

I love finding little treasures like this, a gift for my creative eye. I excitedly took a quick photo of it and felt God gently remind me that there is evidence of his love such as this everywhere, we just need to look.

I wonder how many would have missed this small gift? Or might have barely noticed it, not given it any thought? How many times do we miss little nuggets of love from God because we’re busy or distracted?

Signs of his love are everywhere if we take the time to see. God sends us love notes daily in the sun rise, the chirp of a bird, catching that fish, a smile from a stranger. The things in your day that bring you joy are gifts from our Father, evidence of his deep love for us.

If our focus is on our problems and tasks for the day, on what has gone wrong and our shortfalls, we will miss out on this encouragement. But when we turn our focus to God and on the treasures life has to give us, then that’s what we will see. Just like the story of seeing yellow cars all over when you’re thinking of yellow cars, when you think on Christ and his goodness you will find it in abundance.

2 thoughts on “Love Abounds

  1. So wonderful.
    I know these little treasures, when I look to the mountains,& it’s like a shape of an eye, the sun ( Son) peaking through a cloud. Always makes me know his eyes are watching me❤️
    God gives me these snippets
    throughout the day❤️
    Praise God😊

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