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Listen. Listen carefully. Listen to that still, small voice that comes like gentle whisper. The voice that you nearly miss amidst the chaos of life. The voice that may seem out of touch with today’s reality, contrary to what most may think. The voice that stretches you beyond your comfort zone to grow you.

Today I listened to this voice. I stepped outside of my normal, sacrificed my time and money, and delivered a gift to a friend. A gift that I felt led to give, though I had no idea why or the affect it would have.

I presented this gift that was accepted with tears. This gift that was perfect, anticipated, longed for. A gift that already had a home waiting for its arrival, that we never knew was needed.

I could have ignored this voice, brushing it off as an odd thought or an inconvenience, not wanting to spend the extra time that we didn’t fully have. I could have dismissed it as a nice idea and left it at that. But had I done that, she and I would have missed out.

We would have missed out on the incredible blessing this small gift was to her. The perfect gift to lift her spirits, to encourage, to swaddle her in love. I would not have been able to see how far a simple act of selflessness can go.

The small voice, the tender whisper to your heart, is inviting you in. It’s inviting you to participate in something wonderful, magical, fulfilling. It’s inviting you to be a part of something beyond yourself that will go forth like the ripples in the waters. From one encouraging act to another as the encouraged will encourage.

So take courage. Step out. Take the risk and find experience the blessing of making someone’s day.

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