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We Deserve It

I was chatting with someone today and they made the comment that we deserve this nice weather we’ve been having the last few days. I was a little surprised as to why we might deserve it and they explained that we deserve it because with the pandemic we can’t go anywhere.

I considered this as we went away, this statement that we deserve it, and quite frankly I don’t agree with this at all. I couldn’t figure out what we might have done that we would actually deserve this weather. Yes it sucks that we are stuck at home, that we cannot see our friends and family, but does that mean we deserve this weather?

No, we have done nothing to deserve this good weather, it’s not really something we can even earn. Yet so often we hear those words, that we deserve or someone deserves this or that.

Recently we got a new to us car, one that I never thought we’d be able to get. Some might say we deserve it having worked hard for years, but I see us instead as blessed. We did nothing to deserve this car. We might have earned it with hard work, but really I feel so blessed to be able to have it.

In reality, we don’t deserve most of what we get, and in fact we deserve much worse. None of us are perfect, every one of us falling short.

There are many in today’s society that figure they deserve many things, simply because they feel they are entitled to it. This has become an unfortunate view in today’s society, that we deserve it. Some feel they deserve things, but without the hard work that needs to accompany it.

I’d like to challenge that thinking, turning it from “I deserve’ to an ‘I am blessed’. To move from an attitude of why don’t I have or where mine to one of I am thankful. I believe this simple shift in thought could bring a world of change.

And so no, I don’t believe we deserve this warmer weather, I believe we are blessed to have it.

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